How we know Kick9 hates us....


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    How we know Kick9 hates us....

    Post by variable on Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:10 am

    1 exp vial is a reward in the crucible.  are you shitting me?  thats like giving your waiter a $.01 tip.  Its tantamount to a slap in the face.  Its like cutting a penny in half 100 times, throwing it up into the ocean, and saying, if you can go get all those peices and put it back together, you can have that penny.

    Shin kickers.  Star wands.  Wooden bucklers.   At least a pile of those can be used to enchant with.  But 1 exp vial?  How the F did that even make it into the pool of possible rewards?  And you know how I KNOW they hate us? because that had to be programmed in.  Yes, 1...not a stack of 10...1000...heck even 1000 of them is so little THAT would be an insult.

    Im going to paint the picture:

    While in development, Kick9 is having a meeting after lunch at 1:00 to discuss crucible rewards.  They come in all full and tired from their delicious 5 guys burger and fries.  Bacon, cheese, mayo...the freshest!

    Richards: "Whats up on the agenda fellas?"  - "Lets see here, crucible rewards...lets shoot it around the room and see what everyone thinks".

    Johnson: "'re not gonna believe what i just thought of.  Stay with me.  What if...what if...we gave those fucking losers a single exp vial as a reward?  Imagine the look on their faces when they see it.  Imagine the pain and suffering in their hearts.  Imagine what their mothers think of their loser children for acheiving the lamest possible reward in the history of the gaming world."

    Richards: "Best.  Idea.  Evar.  Johnson, you're on to something.  Cox, have your boys over in programming throw 1 exp vial into the pool of rewards for the CoF.  And for fucks sake, and for the last time, take out ALL of the top teir items.  That means no Goblin Scimitars .  No Azreal's Roar.  No conquerer's plate.  I wish i could drink the tears of these losers that like our game."

    Cox:  "What about Art of War books?"

    Richards:  "Cox, you're fired.  Not only are you fired, but your severance will be 1 exp vial.  Now GTFO!"

    Johnson: "Richards, you totally did the right thing there.  Cox just wasnt one of us.  He didnt want to totally fuck the people that make our jobs possible as hard as we do.  He'll never get it."

    Richards: "Thanks Johnson.  I almost feel bad for Cox and his special needs children on non-generic meds.  They....they'll be just fine.  After all, its not my responsibilty to employ former soldiers who lost limbs and will suffer PTSD for the rest of their lives so that his special needs family can have insurance.  We're not giving handouts here."


    What have we learned?  Kick9 doesnt support the troops, they dont care about disabled children, and they hate us because they think its funny to give us 1 exp vial as a reward.

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